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We are continually researching, reflecting upon on and responding to the issues facing those we serve. Although we measure our challenges and success in collected data and raw numbers, it’s hard to quantify the deep, lasting effect that stable housing, safe neighborhoods and vibrant communities have on individuals and families. For this reason, we rely on both numbers and narratives to gauge the impact of our work.


We’ve organized our content into three distinct categories. To filter content, simply select the subject matter you’d like to know more about from the left drop down, and then select the type of information you’d like from the right drop down. Or, make no selection and peruse the content from newest to oldest.

  • In News, you’ll find press releases and news coverage about Way Finders, our partners and collaborators.
  • In Ideas, we contribute Way Finders perspectives, positions and thinking on key issues relating to our mission.
  • In Impact, you’ll find key data points, along with narrative accounts that demonstrate the difference Way Finders and our partners and collaborators are making.